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Understanding Australian Law

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Can a DNA Test Help You to Mount a Will Dispute?

Do you believe that you have been left out of a particular person's will, and should be eligible to inherit? This may have been an oversight on the part of the deceased individual and especially if you had been estranged for some time. Could you use DNA testing to prove your case and get access to that property, and how difficult could the will dispute process be?

DNA Testing

Sometimes, individuals are separated from their true parents at birth and never get to meet them throughout their life. They may grow older and become more curious about their origin, however, and may opt to take a DNA test. Today, it's relatively easy to do this as there are many home testing kits available. For very little money, it's possible to trace your ancestry, and you may well be able to find out the identity of your true birth parents.


In some cases, you may not have been able to reach them when they were still alive but may have found out that they recently passed away. In this situation, you may have access to their last will and testament and discovered that they had not provided for you within their estate. If you feel left out, then you may want to take action.

Inheritance Laws

This can be a tricky road to navigate, however. The laws of inheritance can vary from place to place, and you will need to check to see whether a challenge like this can be heard. This is particularly the case if the individual in question lived overseas, as the estate laws over there may vary.

Adoption Issues

You might not have a case either if a third party had legally adopted you. In this case, that act may terminate any rights that you may have had to inheritance from your birth parent. You will need to produce documentation though, and will certainly need access to your birth certificate to see what evidence can be supplied.

Dealing with Objections

Don't be surprised if other parties to the will have something to say, should you raise an objection or mount a challenge, and you will need to take all of this into account before you decide to push forward. In any eventuality, it's a good idea for you to enlist the services of a solicitor so that they can help you to navigate the potentially rocky road ahead.

For more information, contact services that can help you with will disputes.