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Understanding Australian Law

Hello, my name is Nigel and this is my law blog. The law can be a complicated and complex thing to try and understand, especially if you are not a trained lawyer. I am not a legal professional but I take a deep interest in the law. It all started when my uncle was involved in a lengthy court case and I decided to find out a little bit more about it. I started reading a legal book and didn't stop. I am fascinated by the law so I decided to start a blog so I could share my passion with others.

As a Business Owner, Do You Exercise Too Much Control Over Your Contractors?

If you are a business owner, here is an important question. When is a contractor not a contractor? Answer—when they are an employee! As obvious as that may sound, it's a problem waiting to happen with very real consequences if you get the definition wrong over a long period of time. What do you need to know about this conundrum? Employee or Contractor When you need people to help you run your business, you have two choices. Read More