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Understanding Australian Law

Hello, my name is Nigel and this is my law blog. The law can be a complicated and complex thing to try and understand, especially if you are not a trained lawyer. I am not a legal professional but I take a deep interest in the law. It all started when my uncle was involved in a lengthy court case and I decided to find out a little bit more about it. I started reading a legal book and didn't stop. I am fascinated by the law so I decided to start a blog so I could share my passion with others.

Three Things to Think About When Naming a Guardian for Your Minors

When you are thinking about wills and estates lawyers, several issues need clearing up. You need to decide on the type of will you will draw up. You also need to determine how your estate will be shared.  Anything is possible, and life is so transient. You need to write your will early. If you have children, one of the essential things to think about is their guardian. That is a difficult decision. You are thinking about who will be the parent when you cannot be. Choosing a guardian is a crucial decision that you do not want to be done by strangers when you die. Here are three questions to ask when choosing a guardian? 

What is the financial situation? 

The person you elect to be the guardian of your children should be financially able to take care of your children. Childcare is expensive. They need to eat, go to school as well as go to the hospital now and then. The guardian you choose should have the financial capability to care of the children. Think about whether or not your guardian of choice is good with money. You should not leave your children under the care of a gambler or an alcoholic. That can negatively affect the children even when you have put aside money for most of their needs in your will.

What are their values? 

You are choosing a substitute for yourself, so it should be someone who is a little like you. Choose a guardian who shares your religious and moral values. They will raise your children to hold the same principles you would have. In this same instance, you should think about their parenting style. They should share your ideals on discipline, along with care and attention. For example, if you believe chores teach responsibility, your chosen guardian should have similar views.  

How old are they? 

Your death will be a terrible experience for your children. Pick a guardian who is likely to live a long time. It is traumatising for children to lose close relatives in quick succession.  Although you have no power to predict death, pick a guardian who is young and healthy. He or she is likely to live long enough for the children to grow up.  


The subject of wills and estates lawyers is an important one for everyone, especially those who have children. Ensure you take time when drawing up your will to pick an appropriate and willing candidate.