Understanding Australian Law

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Understanding Australian Law

Hello, my name is Nigel and this is my law blog. The law can be a complicated and complex thing to try and understand, especially if you are not a trained lawyer. I am not a legal professional but I take a deep interest in the law. It all started when my uncle was involved in a lengthy court case and I decided to find out a little bit more about it. I started reading a legal book and didn't stop. I am fascinated by the law so I decided to start a blog so I could share my passion with others.

Types of Lawyers

At some point in life, you will probably need the services of a lawyer. Lawyers are experts of the law and are therefore essential in offering legal advice, representing clients in court, drafting contracts of property sale and preparing wills. Although all lawyers undergo similar basic training, they end up specializing in specific fields.

Below are some of the various types of lawyers.

Property Lawyers

Property lawyers are experts in real estate. They help clients in verifying the property's ownership and whether there are any disputes against the property. They advise on zoning regulations and prepare contracts of sale. They also facilitate the transfer of documents from the seller to the buyer.

Family Lawyers

These lawyers deal with family matters, such as child custody, child adoption, prenuptial agreements and divorce. A family lawyer advises his or her clients on the various factors the judicial officer will consider when making a ruling. As such, it becomes easy for the clients to get a favorable outcome.

Criminal Lawyers

A criminal lawyer represents clients accused of committing crimes. He or she is an expert in criminal matters such as bail, arrest, trials and case arraignment. People accused of murder, rape, corruption, extortion and theft may seek the services of a criminal lawyer.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property lawyers are experts on how to protect intellectual property such as music, books, paintings, designs and menus. They advise on patents, trademarks and copyrights. They also represent clients whose intellectual property rights have been infringed.

Wills and Estate Lawyers

These lawyers assist clients in making final preparations before they get ill or die. A wills and estate lawyer assists in drafting wills, setting up trusts and making living wills. He or she collaborates with the estate executor after the death of the client to ensure that the property is distributed as per the deceased's wishes.

Immigration Lawyers

These are lawyers that specialize in providing documentation for people leaving or entering a country. The immigration lawyer helps in securing passports and visas. The lawyer also assists refugees in acquiring asylum and refugee identity certificates.

Tax Lawyers

A tax lawyer is a specialist in tax-related matters. He or she represents clients accused of tax evasion. The lawyer also offers advice on tax exemptions and how to make tax claims.

The services of a lawyer are critical in everyday endeavors. There are various categories of lawyers including tax lawyers, immigration lawyers, family lawyers, criminal lawyers, property lawyers, intellectual property lawyers and wills and estate lawyers.