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Why Your Workers Compensation Claim May Be Denied

Some workers who have sustained injuries during workplace accidents can have their requests for workers compensation denied. This article discusses some of the circumstances under which your claim may be denied.

Late Filing

Most jurisdictions have timelines within which claims for benefits after injuries or illnesses suffered while at work can be filed. The insurance company may decline to honour your claim in case your papers were filed after the stipulated time had elapsed. It is, therefore, advisable that you quickly inform your immediate supervisor or your employer in case you are involved in a workplace accident or you suffer from an illness that arises out of the environment where you work. Check with the employer to confirm that the claim was filed with the insurance company so that you receive your benefits expeditiously.

Incomplete Forms

Each claim for benefits under the workers compensation policy has to be backed by the relevant support documents, such as medical forms and photos. Some claims for benefits can be denied in case the forms that were submitted were incomplete. Incomplete forms make it hard for the insurance company to assess one's eligibility for the different categories of the available benefits. For example, the insurance company may not know how much to pay for medical bills in case your documents don't include how much was incurred to treat you.

Challenges by the Insurance Company

It is also possible for your claim for benefits to be denied in case the insurance company disputes certain aspects of your claim. For instance, the insurance company may feel that your injuries were not as severe as you describe them to be. In such a case, the insurance company may take the position that you don't qualify for any benefits regarding lost time from your workplace since, in their view, you could still work despite the injuries.

Challenges by the Employer

Your employer may also reject your claim for benefits for any number of reasons. For example, he or she may assert that you don't qualify for benefits under the workers compensation policy in case the injury occurred when you were doing unauthorised work. He or she may then decline to endorse your claim for processing by the insurance company.

Has your claim for benefits been rejected for any of the reasons above? Contact workers compensation lawyers in your area. Those professionals will advise you on the best course of action after assessing the specific circumstances of your case. Their involvement will ensure that you receive what you are entitled to under the law.